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SoundCloud rullar på och hotar kanske MySpace


Wired skriver nu om musiktjänsten SoundCloud som växer och blir hypad:

SoundCloud, a few months out of private beta, now claims 160,000 professional artists, labels, producers, music journalists and musicians. MySpace is thought to have listings for over 13 million bands. But the recent buy-in by some major artists is a significant endorsement for the upstart…

Sonic Youth used SoundCloud to stream their latest album via Twitter while Moby uses it to promote his latest tracks on his site rather than on MySpace. And when Beck decided to trash his so-five-years-ago Flash-based site and start over with simple pages heavy on high-quality content and light on everything else, he too turned to SoundCloud.

När de stora fiskarna nappar då är genombrottet nära. Det är visserligen långt kvar till MySpace men ändå. Som alla bra idéer är de på något sätt självklara. Wired fortsätter:

SoundCloud sounds like an obvious idea — like every good one does once somebody else has it. The necessity that was the mother to this particular invention was the absence of a truly collaborative online environment that could replicate the kind of back-and-forth spontaneity that musicians need to feed on and which proximity uniquely enables.

Det svåra är bara att gå från ord till handling och realisera idéer och visioner. SoundCloud verkar vara en god bit påväg.

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